Group Lessons for August 9th, 2012

Fred Astaire Studio of Youngstown has a full day ahead starting with Zumba @ 6:45pm. Once you’re warmed up join right in to our Rhythm Techinque class @ 7:30pm. A technique class is one in which the instructor’s focus in on the characteristics and styling to make someone more comfortable on the dance floor. Then finish your eveing with our Hot Yoga class @ 8:15pm.

Foxtrot Basic

Video Transcript:

Matt Moore:
Hello ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for joining us today. My name is Matt Moore and this is Chelsea Cherie; we are two instructors here at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Youngstown, OH.
What we would like to do today is introduce you to one of the six main dances which is Foxtrot. We will begin with a demonstration.
slow, slow, quick, quick x5
Now that we have demonstrated the basic step, what we are going to do is separate and show each part individually. We will start with the man’s part.
The gentleman always starts with his left foot first. He will take two full strides forward. Starting with his left he steps forward, forward then side/ together side- together, stepping to his left. Again it is forward, forward, side, together.
The lady is going to do the exact opposite. She will be starting with her right foot. She will take two steps back; she’s going back, back, side, together .
Now that we have demonstrated the basic step individually, we are going to dance together. When you assume dance position, the guy’s left hand will take the ladies right hand and hold it approximately parallel with her nose. The guy’s right hand is going to go on the ladies back on her shoulder blade; the ladies left hand rests on the guys right arm.
slow, slow, quick, quick x2
Today we have demonstrated for you the basic step for Foxtrot, as well as the “closed dance position.” Thank you for joining us today and we look forward to seeing you on the dance floor.

Join Us For A Night Of Champagne At The Youngstown FRED ASTAIRE!

The Youngstown Fred Astaire Dance Studio would like to invite all of our friends and family to our studio Friday February 10, 2012 from 7-9pm for a night of dancing, champagne, and hors d’ oeuvres’. The night begins at 7pm with a beginner group class that will introduce a few basic steps and dances to individuals interested in learning the life-enriching skill of ballroom dancing. Bring your friends, your co-workers, and your family out for a night of fun at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio! We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

Dress4Dance Visits The Youngstown Fred Astaire!

The Youngstown Fred Astaire Dance Studio would like to thank Dress 4Dance for coming to our studio and providing our students the opportunity to try on and purchase ballroom costumes that are fit for Dancing with the Stars! We look forward to showing-off our students donning their new attire at our upcoming competitions! Visit the Dress4Dance website at to see what they have to offer. We will see you on the dance floor!