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July 15th-22nd-29th
West Coast Swing Workshop

Come on in for a swinging good time. We will be working on our West Coast Swing in this 3 part workshop hosted by instructor Dustin Jones.

Classes are $15/ea or $30 for all.


July 16th
Coaching Day with Vard Margaryan

Whether you want to improve on your technique, experience a different teaching style, or simply train with a pro, our coaching sessions are here to meet your needs. Sign up today for a coaching lesson with Vard Margaryan on July 16th.

Vard has achieved over 100 Top Teacher awards, and was selected to be in the Top 40 on So You Think You Can Dance (“SYTYCD”) season 9, from over 7000 auditions!

He has many more achievements and awards under his belt so you can rest assured you will be guided and instructed by an experienced pro.

Book your lesson today. Coaching slots are limited and fill up fast.

July 22nd-29th
West Coast Swing Workshop

Come on in for a swinging good time. We will be working on our second part of our West Coast Swing in this 3 part workshop. Hope to see you there

Classes are $15/ea or $30 for all.



July 27th
Pajama & Potluck Party!!

We are having a PAJAMA PARTY!!!!! Come one, come all, just don’t come in your birthday suit! We will be kicking the night off with a fun Cha Cha group class then serving up the potluck goodies. Friends and family
are welcome to attend. See you on the dance floor.


July 29th
West Coast Swing Workshop

This is the final part in our 3 part workshop. Don’t worry if you’ve missed either of the other ones. We will try to get you right in and on point with the rest of us if you’re interested.

Classes are $15/ea or $30 for all.



July 30th
Coaching Day with Christina Penatello

There is a lot to be said about Christina Penatello. Read more about her below and sign up for her coaching sessions as soon as possible.

Ballet, tap and jazz were the forms of dance that sparked Christina Penatello’s love for the art. Being surrounded by successful dancers in the ballroom industry and by her parents who were three time undefeated open to the world American Smooth and Rhythm Champions, Christina decided to pursue ballroom dancing as a career.

At the young age of nineteen, Christina became the United States Professional Rising Star American Rhythm Bronze Medallion Champion. After dancing in several partnerships, she became a Top Finalist, ranking Fifth in the United States Open Professional Rhythm Championship.

In September 2006, Christina’s partner, “Dancing with the Stars” Fabian Sanchez, and the magic between them, took them right to the top, winning the World Mambo Championship at the United States Dance Championships. Christina’s dream became a reality after partnering with Ken Hansen in November of 2009 when they became the United States American Rhythm Finalists.