Video Blog introduction, The Waltz

Video Transcript:

Travis Manero:
Hello, my name is Travis Manero and this is Kristin Dobson. Welcome to the Youngstown Fred Astaire Dance Studio’s very first video blog. Today we’ll be demonstrating the basic in the Waltz.

Now I will demonstrate the mans part. The gentleman starts with his left foot, he is going to go forward, side, together, back, side, together. Watch one more time from a different angle. His part is forward, side, together, back side, together.

Now I’ll call Miss Kristin to demonstrate the ladies part. Starting with the right foot the lady goes back, side, together, forward, side, together. One more time from a different angle. Ready and 1-2-3, 1-2-3.

We’re gonna demonstrate it one more time with music but I’d like to let you know this is our video blog, stay posted. We’re gonna have fun videos on there and all kinds of crazy things we do here at the studio and all the fun we have. This was just the first one to get it kicked off.