Yoga Classes at Fred Astaire Youngstown

Power Yoga for Dancers & Athletes

This class is based on Baptiste Power Vinyasa sequence. Expect to sweat, breath and be challenged. Don’t let this scare you, this practice is all about listening to that true voice inside you. You are going to give yourself exactly what you need and modify as you see fit. This practice will take you to your edge and you may find yourself soaring right off it! Bring an open mind and an open heart. You will be amazed!

No matter what kind of dancer you are, modern to hip hop, ballet to Tango…. you can derive huge benefits in your dancing from taking regular yoga classes. Key benefits include; maximized flexibility, increased strength, healthy joints and alignment, breathing techniques, injury rehabilitation, and decompressing.
I promise you will leave this session feeling empowered and inspired!


Hot Power Yoga

7:15pm – 8:30pm

Instructor Bios

Jenna Medina, Certified Yoga Instructor Jenna Medina

Jenna contains a unique sense of passion for helping others to live lightly through a deep connection between the soul, emotions and the universe. Beginning yoga in 2010, she started as a fresh yogi without a single clue or idea to the art of yoga. During her years of practice, Jenna began to understand the style of breathing and immersed herself in the flow of movement and grounding of poses. Fully devoting her time to the mat at Fred Astaire since 2012, she expresses deep gratitude toward her mentor and instructor, Travis, as well as every yogi she has had the pleasure of practicing with.

Jenna began subbing for power yoga classes at Fred Astaire in January of 2015, which has provided her with the essentials to teaching and the utmost inspiration from her peers and students. She completed the Mindful Movement 200 hour yoga certification training under Erin Kouvas in Spring of 2015. Bursting with inspiration, Erin is indeed a great motivator and constant supporter whom Jenna is thankful for and deeply respects. She is eager to further her yogic journey by continuing to learn and guide those who need to be healed physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Jenna graduated from Youngstown State University in 2014 with a BA in Communications. She is self-employed not only as a yoga instructor but also as a photographer at WeirdfishFOTOgraphy. Jenna has a great love for photography, nature, California, doing handstands, and spending time with her husband, their cats, family and friends ♥

Jenna’s Mantra: With a passion for helping others, allow me to guide you in this journey together as we connect through mind, breath, body, & spirit. Let us be ourselves. Let’s journey together in this wonderful lifestyle called YOGA!